About Us

Splendid Pets Ltd is a well-respected and renowned distributor of canine related grooming products covering the United Kingdom, along as being a leading supplier to many countries in Europe.

Our market leading product development comes from our hands-on experience gained “out in the field” since our establishment in the 1990s.

Based in Keston (Kent), we are proud to be in the position of offering all of our customers a large range and variety of grooming equipment and bespoke dog products. We are open to the public to come and view all products. Our opening hours are Monday to Friday, 9am until 6pm. Please kindly phone ahead to let us know you are coming. 

We not only deal with grooming studios and training schools alike, but we are also one of the main trade exhibitors at all UK championship dog shows including the largest dog show in the world “Crufts”, all of which we attend with our professional stand displaying a huge variety of canine and grooming related products.

Our exclusive ranges include an extensive range of professional grooming tables, grooming baths and bathing stations, bespoke dog beds, heavy duty metal crates, portable pet soft crates, collapsible pet strollers, pop-up puppy pens and metal-fence exercise runs, aluminium show trolleys, dog chews and toys, as well as the exclusive range of Excalibur professional Grooming Scissors, a large range of pet clippers and much, much more.

With over 370 commercial grooming customer accounts in the United Kingdom and countless private customers along with boarding kennels, well-known dog breeders and behaviourists, we pride ourselves in our professional approach and personal service that always goes the extra mile.

We take our time to design and develop all products before manufacturing these in tailor made factories in either the United States of America or the People’s Republic of China, which ensures that the
materials used are always of the highest quality possible with the best possible end result and a very happy customer base.

Any feedback given and requests or ideas for new products from any one of our customers is always taken on board and helps us in keeping our entire range up to date, in demand and most importantly, practical for the end-user.

Our products are designed by dog lovers for fellow dog owners.

Above all, not only do we stand out from the crowd with our excellent after sales service, but also with our extensive knowledge of animals and their needs.