Unique & Oversize

At Splendid Pets HQ we can supply Oversized Dirt Trappers - around 9ft x 5ft approx - but these are very rare. Please kindly call our friendly Customer Service Team who will be able to tell you exactly what we have available for purchase on 0844 800 9907.

Please be advised All Mats sold by Splendid Pets Ltd are ex-commercial contract & factory seconds mats. We grade these dirt trapper mats into 3 different categories, Pearl Grade Mats, A-Grade & Kennel Grade Mats.

Pearl Grade Mats are as new with no visible marks on the carpet pile and maybe a very small cut out of the rubber border.

A-Grade mats are our most popular range of dirt trappers, these will have a small visible mark on the carpet pile and or cuts or cut outs of the rubber border, overall we would say these mats are 85% perfect.

This section of dirt trapper mats makes up about 1% of the mats acquired by Splendid Pets. These are all odd, unique and oversize pieces, usually all these mats are Pearl grade pieces so they are all as new, unless otherwise stated.

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