Yes, we know it's a pram for dogs and yes, we know dogs have four legs, yes they are more suited to walking and running than their best friends. However Pet Strollers have been one of Splendid Pets best selling products since we originally brought them into the UK over 3 years ago.

A fantastic dog show product allowing small toy breeds to travel without damaging their just groomed show coat before they are in the ring, or maybe you a multi dog family and one of your older dogs can't make the full walk anymore, this way a pet stroller is a great way to keep all your dogs happy as you will not have to leave the old boy or girl at home nor will you have to cut your long walks short for the younger pooches in your family.

Pet strollers are also fantastic for dogs that have just gone through illness or operation. So to be honest with you, if you own a small breed there are more reasons than not to own a Splendid Pets Dog Pet Stroller.

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